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Appalachian Horse Adventures, LLC Montebello, Virginia, Nelson CountyLet's Ride Horses, LLC, Hot Springs, Virginia, Bath County

One & Two Hour Ride




Our 1 hour and 2 hour rides are perfect for any outdoor enthusiast looking for an adventure. All of our rides are private rides booked with your group only. We give you the opportunity to ride a horse through the forest with creek crossings and mountain terrain, our trails are level to moderately slopped. With us you will be given the opportunity to travel on your horse the way people traveled before the automobile, a real chance opportunity with our guide to experience horse riding the way it was meant to be. 


NO DAISEY CHAIN. With us you will have the riding opportunity to walk, trot and canter your horse at your leisure and comfort level.  Our horses are well trained to accommodate beginners to advanced riders. We want you to enjoy the best possible experience with our horses and mother nature. Bring your camera or phone! Make your Memories, Take your videos and lots of pictures, enjoy seeing all the different breeds of horses here at the farm. Our Guides will be happy to answer any questions you may have, even if you have never ridden before our guide and our horses will make you feel at ease. 


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