Appalachian Horse Adventures Montebello & Bath County Virginia
Appalachian Horse AdventuresMontebello & Bath County Virginia


Q. How far from Crabtree Falls are we?                                                          A. We are approximately a 15 minute drive from the parking lot for Crabtree Falls


Q. How far are we from the Montebello Camping and Fishing Resort?                    A. We are approximately a 5 minute drive from the resort and a 1.6 mile walk.


Q. Where do we meet?                                                                                                  A. For our Montebello rides we will be meeting at 349 Fork Mountain Road, Montebello, VA. For our Bath County rides, we will meet at 1106 Jackson River Turnpike, Hot Springs, VA. 

Cell service is spotty and GPS navigation is not recommended. It is recommended that you print directions or download the map which is an option in google maps and apple maps. 


Q. Will there be other people on our ride?                                                                  A. No. All of our rides will consist of your party only and a guide. 


Q. Are helmets available?                                                                                            A. Yes, we will have helmets available for you to wear. Should you wish to bring your own you may. Children may wear bike helmets if desired. 


Q. What do we offer? What are your rates?                                                                A. We offer 1, 2, and 3 hour rides. 

      1 hour Trail Ride: $40.00/Person
      2 hour Trail Ride: $65.00/Person  
      3-4 hour Expedition Ride: $135.00/Person **Must be at least 16 years old                   and of advanced experience level. 
Q. The date/time I am interested in is not showing on the booking calendar. Is my day available but just not showing up?
A. All availability that we have will appear on the calendar. If it is not there, it is booked or we are closed that day. 



Appalachian Horse Adventures/Let’s Ride Horses, LLC

Phone: 540-416-1855


Montebello - Appalachian Horse Adventures

349 Fork Mountain Lane

Montebello, VA

Look for the Barn!

Bath County - Let's Ride Horses, LLC

1106 Jackson River Turnpike Hot Springs, VA 

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