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Appalachian Horse Adventures, LLC Montebello, Virginia, Nelson CountyLet's Ride Horses, LLC, Hot Springs, Virginia, Bath County

Let's Ride Horses

Our newest location for the 2021 season, just 15 minutes from the Omni Homestead Resort in Hot Springs, 45 minutes from Douthat State Park and 30 minutes from Lake Moomaw/Bolar Mountain Recreational Area.

Rides at this location are conducted on private property in the George Washington National Forest. Visit

Appalachian Horse Adventures, LLC


Let’s Ride Horses, LLC

Phone: 540-416-1855




Appalachian Horse Adventures, LLC

349 Fork Mountain Lane

Montebello, VA

Look for the Barn!


Bath County 

Let's Ride Horses, LLC

1106 Jackson River Turnpike Hot Springs, VA

Meet at the Barn! 

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